Clash of Clans Builder: Strategies, Tips, Tricks to Get All 5 Builder Huts .

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Clash of clans builder hut strategies Tips,tricks,cheats and how to get builder all 5 builder huts

Builder Hut Strategies: If u want your village to be constructed soon u need to have all the Builders in first hand. so in order to get builder hut u need to have gems .

Why you need builder? 

You require Builders to develop and update Buildings, Walls & to remove obstacles . They are additionally needed to place and redesign Heroes. Be that as it may, you needn’t bother with a Builder to place Decorations or Traps.

How to get all 5 builder huts? 

The first builder hut in the clash of clan comes already constructed where as the remaining four have to be obtained by earning gems.

First and foremost important point never use the gems at the starting of game for rapping up the production of collectors or upgrading defenses.

250 gems for  second Builder’s hut and you are supposed to build when u are in tutorial at the starting of the game that takes away your half of the total allotted gems.

And third Builder’s Hut costs 500 Gems.

There are two ways to get the third builder hut

Directly buying from the store it costs around $4.49,But its not really necessary to buy the gems, because u can easily achieve them complete the tasks.

Save each and every gem by removing the obstacles, plants, rocks,trunks,mushrooms, and also u can earn gems by completing some tasks.Do u know that by achieving “sweet victory” u can get 500 gems easily.

Fourth Builder’s Hut costs 1,000 Gems (you should effectively own the third). Purchasing 1,000 Gems would cost US$9.99.

Just be patient by clearing the obstacles and complete the tasks. It takes some  time for the fourth builder. Or else u can crack up-to Master league to get gems .

The fifth Builder’s Hut costs 2,000 Gems (you should effectively own the fourth). It costs around US$19.99.


so have a  look at these if u don’t want to spend money buying gems.

3rd builder hut   get 1250 trophies                                     450 gems
4th builder hut   get to masters league                               1000 gems
5th builder  hut  get to champions   league                        2000 gems

Here is the related video for the same:

So there is one more trick to get gems

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Putting builder huts at the Corners of the village

By putting the clash of clans builder huts at the corners of the village makes opponent take more time to complete attack the village and it works out to be very effective when this trick is used in war bases that will makes them achieve only two stars.

Clash of clans tips tricks cheats hacks all 5 builder huts
Clash of clans tips tricks cheats hacks all 5 builder huts

These trick can also been taken advantage of when we hardly managed to get a close to 45% the remaining can be achieved by destroying the builder hut and winning the battle and cups eventually.

Using builder huts as walls for gold and elixir collectors:

As you know builder hut gives only less amount of damage when it is attacked. u can use these builder huts as walls for collectors there by saving your hard earned loot from your war or battles.

What is your effective builder  strategy and how do you get 5 builder huts?

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