GOWIPE Attack strategy Guide for Town Hall (TH) 8,9,10

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gowipe attack strategy th8 th9 th10
gowipe attack strategy th8 th9 th10

In this post we are going to discuss about clash of clans (coc) gowipe attack strategy . Here at cocwiki we decide to write about most famous strategy for th8,th9,th10.
Clash of the clans Gowipe is a powerful attack strategy used at town hall levels 8, 9 & 10.Gowipe Attacks strategy uses golwms,wizards and pekka’s.

Once u get to town hall 9 u will find the mass dragons doesn’t work well.coc Gowipe attack strategy works well with town hall 8 (th8), town hall 9 (th9) and town hall 10 (th10) with rage, heal , earth quake spells and heroes. But u have to get used to get 3 stars in clash of clan wars.

It takes some time and practice to create your own unique patternsĀ  using Gowipe attack strategy. Gowipe work well with spread layouts with few compartments. coc Gowipe is suitable for anti-dragon bases.

How to use Go wipe attack strategy

Things to be remembered before attacking

1. If there are higher level inferno towers then I would not recommend this strategy to go with because infernos can easily kill the golem’s and wizards.
2. Check if there are any higher level Tesla’s around town hall because Tesla’s main target is pekka and will be killed instantly.

Preferred Clan castle troops COC

1. Pekka and Wizard.
2. Golem.
3. Wizards and archers. ( Archers to fill up the remaining left out space).

Army CompositionĀ  Town hall 8:

10 Wall Breakers,
2 Pekka (1 Clan Castle Pekka ),
2 Golem, 17 Wizards. 2 Rage, 1 Heal. And 3 Earthquake spells and poison spell,

Army Composition for TH9:

13 WB, 2 Pekka (1 CC Pekka),
2 Golem,
21 Wizards.
3 Rage, 1 Heal Spells.
3 earth quake and 1 poison .
Or else u can use 2 rage and 2 heal .

you can modify your army composition according to your convenience and let me know your troops composition in comments.

So how you go about selecting which side to attack?

As we are dealing with most hit points troops like golems.
Maintain 4 tiles distance between two Golems, I would recommend you to cover the side of the base you are attacking with Golems.

When is the right time to place Wall breakers, Earth quake Spell ?


Lure out the clan castle troops at the beginning of attack.

Golem’s. I would recommend you to place the golem’s on the side where most single target defenses are present (Tesla’s, Archer Towers, Cannons, mortars, X-bows). Out of all these single target defenses, archer towers causes huge damage so better to prioritize archer towers regarding placement.

2. Next step is to take down the walls(2 layers or 3 layers).u can use wall breakers or earth Quake spells.try to take down the 2 to 3 layers of walls using earth quake spells.

gowipe wall breakers break 2 sides
gowipe wall breakers break 2 sides

3. Place wizards to take down the outside buildings and clear the path to the core central compartment.

wizards placement
wizards placement

4. Release the pekka’s and Heroes and can castle troops, once the path to the central core compartment has been cleared. Use rage and heal spell when main troops are in the core compartment(near town hall).

6.use archers to clear out the buildings which are out of range.

7. Just sit back and relax to watch the troops to clear the entire base to get 3 stars ***.

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