GOWIWI Attack Strategy for Town hall(TH) 8,9,10.

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GOWIWI is one of the famous attack strategies used at town halls levels 8 and 9 and 10 to score 2/3  stars in clash of clan wars(COC). you can have a look at COC Gowipe attack strategy for town hall 8 ,9 and 10. In this post we are going to tell you about the gowiwi army composition, which side one should select for attacking, when is the right time for placing witches, Golems, wizards and Heroes .

gowiwi attack strategy for th8 th9 th10
gowiwi attack strategy for th8 th9 th10

Gowiwi Attack Strategy uses Golems, Wizards and witches.

Once you get to town hall 8,9 you will find the mass dragons doesn’t work well. coc Gowiwi attack strategy works well with town hall 8 (th8), town hall 9 (th9) and lower town hall 10 (th10) with rage, heal , earth quake spells and heroes.

Favorable Gowiwi (Golems, Wizards,Witches)Bases for Attacking

1.    Spread out bases having defenses far away from each other and has less intersection between the walls are favorable gowiwi bases, that is exactly opposite to the hog rider attack strategy that uses compact bases having defense close to each other.so anti-hog bases are preferable for gowiwi attack strategy.

gowiwi attack strategy 2
gowiwi attack strategy 2

For Town Hall 8

3 Golems,22 Wizards,11 wall breakers, 2 Heal,1 rage,1 poison,2 witches in Clan Castle.
or else u can modify it by taking earth quake spells instead of wall breakers.

For Town Hall   9

6 Archers,17 Wizards,4 Minions,3 Golems, 4 witches,1 heal,1 rage,1 poison,4 earth quake spells and clan castle troops
Perfection of Gowiwi is explained in the YouTube video at the end of the post.that uses 6 hog riders or balloons with Gowiwi.

For Town Hall  10 and 11

12 Wizards,4 Golems,7 witches, 3 Earth quake spells,2 freeze, 2 rage. and clan castle troops.

you can bring jump spells instead of earth quake spells depending upon the base structure.

Clan Castle Troops

1. Golem.
2. Wizards.
3. Witch.

Planning accordingly if you get one golem in clan caste then you need to train wizards in your barracks and vice versa.
You can modify your spell composition depending upon the base but 3 earth quake spells and 1 poison spell are compulsory spells.

On which side one should go about attacking the base/layout?

Select the side of the base and release Golems. I would recommend you to place the golems on the side where most single target defenses are present (tesla’s, Archer Towers, Cannons, mortars,X-Bows ). Out of all these single target defenses, archer towers causes huge damage so better to prioritize archer towers regarding placement.

How to Gowiwi ?

1.Take down two to three layers of walls using 4 earth quake spells. By this you have to open the core compartment (contains town hall, X-bow).

earth quake spell placement gowiwi attack
earth quake spell placement gowiwi attack

2.Lure out the clan castle troops using poison spell by placing archer or barbarian in the vicinity of clan castle. Lure out the heroes if they are present in the outer compartments using your wizards, 2 witches. Initially you need to place few barbarians and archers to take out the hero’s, now release 2 witches, once the witches are down release 2 to 3 wizards. If you are not able to lure out heroes then you should release golems, soon after you have lured out clan castle troops.

3.Now release the golems maintain 4 tiles distance between them and cover the entire side of the base you are attacking. Golems points towards the nearby defenses.your heroes and witches should follow the direction pointed by middle red arrow, so you should clear the building that are present on the other red arrow marks before you place heroes and witches.

Gowiwi attack strategy Golem placement
Gowiwi attack strategy Golem placement

4.It’s time release wizards, wizards should take care of the trash building that are outside the walls.so  the buildings that are marked blue must be cleared by wizards before you heroes and witches.

Gowiwi wizards placement strategy
Gowiwi wizards placement strategy

5.    Release witches and Heroes after trash buildings are taken down by Wizards.
6.    Place the heal spell when the golems witches and heroes are in the second wall.

spell placement gowiwi strategy attack
spell placement gowiwi strategy attack

7.    Use rage spell when the army is in the core compartment (town hall, xbows, infernos) .

8.    Now sit back and relax to watch troops to clear the entire base.if you have taken some archers or barbarians deploy them to clear out the remaining structures.

It takes some time for you attack effectively using gowiwi attack strategy. So practice until you  do well using gowiwi attack strategy.

So do let me know, If you have any queries or comments in the comment section below.

For Town Hall 10 and 11
1.Before releasing the Golems, take down 2 to 3 layers of walls using earth quake spell or u can bring jump spells.
2.Follow the above procedure.
3.Once your army is the central core compartment you should use freeze spell  to get rid of infernos and x-bows for sometime, at the same time use rage spell to clean out the main defenses.





Have a good day clashers.

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